All you need to know about electric shaver for you!


To play safe we can usually indicate the Philips and Panasonic brands, since they are the most reliable and have high quality products. But today there are other brands in the market offering good razors at lower costs, but then indicate a minimum of research before making a purchase, your face will thank you.

Number of heads

Most electric shavers work with the system of rotating heads. Check the size of these pieces, because there are razors with three small heads or just one.


Rotary system

The technology used in shavers several heads is called "lifts and cuts", where, through a dual blade system, the hairs are raised and cut comfortably below skin level. There are also those razors with blades parallel working horizontally. In both cases, the devices with damping system that provide a perfect fit to the face contour have an important differential. This system causes the heads have undulations which follow the curves of the face, leaving out any of the shaving wire.


Roller system

Roll them, they have in their head action two rolls (hence the name) that spin at high speeds, trimming the hairs of the beard. Must be used similarly to traditional manual razor. Is satisfactory and quick results, getting a little behind in the item adaptation to the face, because its structure resembles the blades, many more still.

Finally, make sure the device can replace the swivel heads. On average, these parts last two years. Having a device that allows replacement is advantageous to prolong use. It is important to use only the heads of the original model of the brand.

Most common accessories

The collection chamber - During use, Beard wires are packaged in this chamber, generating less dirt. The camera should be cleaned during the process (in case of thicker beard) or occasionally (if less thick beard).

Brush for cleaning - is the accessory which helps not only maintaining hygiene of the chamber, but the heads and the rest of the apparatus. An important detail is that if you like to use the foam or constantly wash your face while shaving, you should seek washable shavers, models known as "Wet Dry".

Chop trimmer - More than helpful, a good trimmer chops is key. It resembles the hair cutting machine, but smaller. Gives the right to finish sideburns and mustache tips.

Carrying Case - For those who travel a lot, the carrying case helps keep the shaver and not let bend the blades.


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